Google Independence Day Doodle


Keppetipola and Maddhuma Bandara
When their heartbeats stopped
Their legacies started palpitating through history;
Echoes that became louder and louder
Until the hearts of a nation were gifted a little bonanza,
An expanse undefined by size or magnitude
Unenclosed by membrane or wall.
What we call freedom.

And today, we celebrate that day of 1948
With a little sketch of a flag on a search engine
Where a boundless expanse stares at 22 million
In their faces, reminding every man and woman
That there are places inside all of us;
Destinations that are only attainable
When the flag is afloat in full flutter
In every citizen’s heart. Only then
Can we, as a nation, suckle the breast
Of mother Lanka, to calcify our free bones,
To march in solidarity, towards the windfalls
of our dreams.


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