Roots penetrate the American soil, Through peanut farms and cotton plantations Where the laborers were slaves From Africa, who now have become A story on their own right. Washington Carver To Martin Luther King jn, there were Little speckles that glittered on the negro sky. And the story of the black man resonates From Kunta … Continue reading Emancipation

Google Independence Day Doodle

Keppetipola and Maddhuma Bandara When their heartbeats stopped Their legacies started palpitating through history; Echoes that became louder and louder Until the hearts of a nation were gifted a little bonanza, An expanse undefined by size or magnitude Unenclosed by membrane or wall. What we call freedom. And today, we celebrate that day of 1948 … Continue reading Google Independence Day Doodle

You Are Beautiful

I don’t know all the possibilities Of a wine glass. They are random Carved into chance; serendipity to snake eyes. And still when I take a wine glass In my hand, and sip her a little My fickle lips become steady To your firm contact.


When we were small We learnt about the fairy tale of the ugly duckling And I too was one - too shy, too cowardly, too mindful To ever dance to the rhythm of the heart And yet they say that the sinews will muscle up, pin feathers will bloom And the duckling will become a … Continue reading Swan-ing