The Killing Fields

In the heart of Georgia The fast foods chains fatten the black child To a venomous infarction of heart capillaries Knowing the black child who grows into a strapping young man Has a few extra genes to not make It across the Marsh creek to the Gettysburg field Of precarious life. And the ghosts of … Continue reading The Killing Fields


The Papal fairytale From Boca Junior to Papacy The supposed shepherd of the church A street fighter of social justice Rests as aloof of common man As Nero was, with the fiddle in his hand No chamber or secret room in the Vatican Can ever relegate a chamber in the human heart To the worthlessness … Continue reading Conscience

You and I

You and I live in separate countries, Separate sovereignties, you have different borders To which I live by, your idea of religion Is praying to God as loud as the Pharisees did Using “God Bless You” to end every conversation you have Doing Novenas every Wednesday, all show, No substance. Whereas I live by Jesus’s … Continue reading You and I