Friend Ships


Friend, are we, in that strangest
World where drifters are seasonal and many
And drift is like a plague that makes
You and I, strangers to our shoulders,
Yet familiar in yesteryear
So don’t kiss me like Judas did once
Sneak up on me from behind
And stab me like Brutus
So that you and I will stay alive till my twilight
As death approaches me

Shovel the years that lie in history’s embrace
And count the counterfeit riches
That we filled out hearts with
And we will surrender to the very time
That brought us together and pulled us apart
Drifters on stray currents
No longer hitchhikers of each other
Diverging in evolution

And until your memory
Bleaches inside, I will look through
Pale ghostly eyes, too distant
Too coarse, too oblivious of me
Too hollow to remember the times spirits toasted
Where our spirits journeyed. As if those
Shot glasses knew how transient friendship was.
Do not weep for us, we were just
A necessity of age that became
A disposable of time.