Ungraceful Age


An eternal paradox, wings of age and wisdom’s rock
Wrinkles on the forehead, anchors thrown from the dock
Through the mirror, sweet lies creep in to the heart
A piece of time, an ark that defies an apocalypse of art

Hark, a voice inside, a mystery no more
Age drowns the residual mirth, youth hidden below
Wisdom, only the skin of the intellect, in radiant glow
As time looms like a mammoth wave, sorrow in flow

Where are thou youth, the heart hath no shame
Gazing at the nubile, of lovers lane fame
Drawn like a horse that remembers the stallion years
Now the lingering tide, age’s capitulating fears

Still one searches for lotions and miracle creams
Of the fountain of youth and De Leon’s dreams
Miracles have no bearings on the skin’s outer peal
Heart still young, searching for lacey bobbin’s feel

Amber tides, seekers off the brightest jade
Of grass that is greener, youthful blades in fade
Where art thou, slimy growths of lofty dreams
Memories storm of summer, as the banshee of lust screams

And one day, when a little box summons the flesh
You will only reminisce little moments of thresh
Beating heart once hid a treasure so obesely rich
She was a looting pirate, the lass in flawless stitch

A plank of wood afloat to the spell of the ebbing tide
The whispers diminish, as the holy trinity abide
Soul takes wings, to jump on figurines on a carousal top
Samara recycles a life, abridged by a full stop.

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