Human Spirit

A poem from my book “Kite Dreams”……there’s nothing that denotes life better than human spirit, especially when you’re the recipient only of an anthropogenic fate.


March beyond the frontiers laid by the third eye
Dream of quixotic fairy tales beyond any sky
Gallop through waves on decks of your galleon
Battle your heart out against tempests of rebellion

For the mythical quest of love is your fool’s gold
Never tame the soul to the lingering winter’s cold
Don’t clip your wings by the coward’s tone
Nor stoop your sail for the storms shall atone

Smell the grass even crawl on your knees
Rest a while under the canopy of trees
Say a prayer, resuscitate the cadaver of hope
But never look up at the noose’s rope

March, swim even fly beyond the possible
Embrace the surreal and melt to the impossible
Leave your imprint by the perpetual fire in your soul
As legends are sculpted as effusive lips extol

Linger like the wind on the lush shoulders of jade
Storm beyond cliffs, journey far from the heart’s crusade
Dream like a mad man yet never fall apart
Dance to the drum beats of your own savage heart

Learn from nature from the beauty of providence
Molt from your pristine soil any traces of vengeance
For man and not Lucifer holds the wand of agony
As humanity wrestles belligerent fate in raw tides of mutiny

Find love but never be swindled by her glow
Inhabit love but never be swept by her flow
Blaze love but never surrender to her populist manifesto
And ever hold her close, even if humanity razes your grotto

Gaze at your true north, your evergreen conscience
Unveil the noble while you tap your inner patience
Be humbled by your frailty and even the muscle of your gait
As you let blood, sweat and tears unite for your own hustle of fate

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