There are fools, and then there are stubborn fools
The waves that reach the peaks
And drown to the trenches
All in a heartbeat, and we are wave creatures
Bracketed by time capsules
Leaking dreams through our sweat glands
Searching for what the heart
Appreciates in time. Love. 

And she is hidden, a pearl inside
An oyster, a ribcage that straddles
A chamber that is notoriously
Star-struck, moon-shadowed, a creature of temperaments
A malignancy of a rhythmical wave
That misses both peak and depression.

And through the devilish grin
Of a stranger and a rendez-vous of fate
One pulls aside curtains and looks in
Through gaps inside her irises
And they say the keyhole of an eye
Conceals the vulnerable depths
That levies a little punt from the waging heart

So child, transfix your heart
Embalm your eyes, encroach your lips
Transfer your dreams, for there is nothing
Remotely as beautiful as a beginning
When Aurora catches you bedazzled
And pledges you a protracted dawn

And through the gunny sac of your heart
You weigh out your sandcastles
To open a drawbridge, for a lass to march through,
In search of your Camelot.

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