A Transgender’s Elegy

The surgical snip could only do so little Hormones were the elan vital That spiked and made him, her. The red head who lost his fur coat And gained luscious skin, radiant in places Like she always wanted, a glow of the moon On her now strange physiognomy. Yet she knew something big was missing, … Continue reading A Transgender’s Elegy

First Kiss

He was the fresh prince And she the pretty debutante They were on the wrong side of 16 It was prom night; he looked ravishing in a black tux And a checkered bow, and she in a strawberry dress Dripping in desire to his gravitating eyes And the night ushered in a moment Purely forensic, … Continue reading First Kiss


The gifted The Messis and Ronaldos In a waltz of the talus Metacarpals and phalanges. When the choreography Of feet, running rings around A ball, a few inches in diameter, To the fleet-footed music Of foot chemistry, When the world is at your toes And the love of a game makes Paupers of an island … Continue reading Soccer

The Witch Hunts of Salem

Scientific experiments are supposed to be a vehicle of empiricism, a fact finding mission that will yield a ‘truth’ in biology or any of her allied fields. Although genetic truths are evident in sequences of DNA and protein crystals shed light on the structure of proteins, there are scientific experiments that are performed with a … Continue reading The Witch Hunts of Salem

A Child in Aleppo

At night, Aleppo is buzzing With mosquito flutter, drones on auto-pilot And war planes under human control Shells falling from the sky. And a little boy in a shelter Looks through a crack in the window To see a shell falling from the top. And death was at first a dot, a blip That fell … Continue reading A Child in Aleppo

I Started Writing a Book

This is a book I started writing and I'm just giving a flavor for you (First 2 pages). Please give me your comments if you can (please) (There won't be any more updates on this book) Book Name: The Sensitive Guy Chapters Allelopathy: Why rejection was a lifestyle Gobble The Greek: Beta among the alphas … Continue reading I Started Writing a Book


Adam and Steve The warriors of a de-facto war The pink flowers with anthers and pollen That will never procreate Possessing only the democracy Of playing games of recreation In half-lit rooms. And the queer rebel Through manifold pupils To erect a foundation on rods and cones Of the sheer beauty of perfect symmetry Of … Continue reading Queer

Virginity – Recycling An Old Post

As a choice virgin till marriage, I do have my reflections and thoughts to share on this rather uneasy issue. My virginity was a subject of far-reaching debate in most parts of the world and even caused continental rifts between groups of individuals. First, there was that rumor that I had lost my virginity to … Continue reading Virginity – Recycling An Old Post