Beyond Beyonce


The glutton of the Gluteus trilogy
Was walking behind colorful butterfly wings
In symmetrical burlesque float
A little rustle that made the eyes poke out
And the tongue a little strung to gravity

And the ever-glued eyes tried to free themselves
From the perfect Gluteus maximus
The flutter of bronze trembling the heart
And troubling the radiant lust
Making sand castles out of fantasies
Triggering locomotion in the human heart

And through the perverted eye
He gazed at a larger than life screen
To watch nature’s generosity in full bloom
Burlap sand bags covered in washed out cotton
Moon petals in all their glory
Serenading a sonnet to the awaiting pupils

And the sonnet took center stage
In moon-struck delirium
To make a snippet of pornography
With the erect flesh in his eyes.