The Special Education School

Down Syndrome 2.jpg

We give to the needy
When needs are just a little obligatory
Package tied to a shoestring
And we hunt all season for the perfect toy
Or the mirrored beauty of an evening gown
To wear at the 31st night ball
We chase party invitations to be seen
With the in-crowd at lavish parties
We are hunters gathering the brevities
Of what money can garnish
Even amass next to a Christmas tree
To feed the little elves at home.

When giving is not rolling out
The red carpets or sleigh’s landing strip
It is letting go from the tip of your tongue
And the terminals of your fingers
The bountiful embroidery of love
Laced in the beautiful art of surrender
To the lowest possible bidder – that little child
Who has no straight face or the grace of aptitude
But looks at you with scrambled irises
But pays you back beyond your wildest expectations
With her spontaneous effervescence,
As she lets her tiny hands dig into
A little gift. And she finds a little toy
She has never seen before and gazes
At everyone around, bewildered
And explodes into her own world
Of uninhibited exclamations.

And she was only saying thank you
In her own jumbled way. Love it seems
Could do no wrong here, and as you tear
You wish to god, you could be, even for a mere instant
As happy as that child was. And you can
Only imagine how some scrambled genes
Could usher in an unheralded mirth
Spilling over and trickling through an opening
Where a little girl with Down Syndrome
Showed a grown-up man, how to demolish
The dams in his heart.

And as his heart opened up
To a life-changing epiphany, happiness
Flowed in sheer mutiny, flood gates
Were now in full discharge and you could safely say
There was more than enough water
To swim in his conscience.

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