Joseph (Perhaps the True Story of Christmas)


Christmas is as much about
The bravary of a Hebrew man
Who took the virgin’s lie
Under his wing, and made love
A fool’s choice, being fooled by god
And everything fate stood for
And yet that foolish man
Became the unsung hero of a mythical tale
In the forbidden dessert
Of a long journey to Bethlehem
When in a manger, a child was born out of wedlock
In the nuptials of divinity with God’s chosen one
And that mortalization
Climbed out of a lass’s womb to the hold of a bearded man
Who will forever live in the absence of legends
A fool who will forever be known
For his foolish heart, and his elopement
For the love of a woman of sin

Christmas too is as much about
The acceptance of the unlikely romance
Of Joseph and Mary, the coalescence
Of sin with the sinless, sinner and the righteous
Perhaps the child in the manger
Grew up to become a rebel, knowing his father
Was as much a rebel as he was.
Joseph, a medium built lad from Israel,
Who took in a stray woman
And another man’s child
And made Christmas, as much
About the courage of the human heart
As the irrelevance of sin

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