Joseph (Perhaps the True Story of Christmas)

Christmas is as much about The bravary of a Hebrew man Who took the virgin’s lie Under his wing, and made love A fool’s choice, being fooled by god And everything fate stood for And yet that foolish man Became the unsung hero of a mythical tale In the forbidden dessert Of a long journey … Continue reading Joseph (Perhaps the True Story of Christmas)

Festive Season

"Festivities" is a little edition Of a month – December – that prostrates And extends to make little parties mushroom In the name of the savior’s birth When people gather around cypress trees To give gifts as tokens of the spirit of Christmas And giving only appreciates in the festive season But so does inflation, … Continue reading Festive Season

The Special Education School

We give to the needy When needs are just a little obligatory Package tied to a shoestring And we hunt all season for the perfect toy Or the mirrored beauty of an evening gown To wear at the 31st night ball We chase party invitations to be seen With the in-crowd at lavish parties We … Continue reading The Special Education School