Bambarakanda (The Tallest Waterfall in Sri Lanka)


Between the drapery of cones and needles
Of a pine forest, rests an indomitable
Wonder, a trickle at most, even in the monsoons
The pure nectar of the land
Lunging past a ledge and falling
Like the tresses of a mountain goddess.
A waterway that scales the mighty fortresses
And washes away the granite cheeks
Of rock formations, to unveil
A mount where legendary industrious wasps
Are a mainstay, in nomenclature
And habitat. And she will rest
The cynosure of an island and the pinnacle
Of a cascade that magnetizes the beholder
And articulates beauty in the sketch marks
Of nature’s evergreen springs. And in this land of tropical
Long-lived conifers, she will stand regal
And tall, towering over thickets of pine trees
To bridge nature’s descent with lovers’ fall
As turpentine memories solvate the clement eye
In the outpouring of waterworks
In her intercourse with beauty.