When eggnog is grog and yule log is cake
And a little cheer blows through
The endearing heart and merry-making
Becomes a hazard zone to your balance and poise
When a kiss appreciates under a poison-wreath
And affection is not just lip-chemistry but gift-bonanzas
As obese men become chuckling saints
Drifting on wind tarmacs on a reindeer sleigh
And a little hangover of sorts lingers until the feast of epiphany

And only then do you realize
That Christmas is a strain of charity that is far bigger
Than a tailed-star and a barn in Bethlehem
When kith and kin gather around
A Christmas tree and love billows beyond entrapments of fiber
To capture a spirit that transcends
Race, creed or color, as towering church bells
Toil away to make us remember
That love needs no invitation to trespass on another

And that time we call Christmas
Is when what is priced at the shop window
Becomes priceless in the hands of an orphan
When a bevy of smiles at the orphanage
Ushers in a warm spell that jerks out tears
And blooms a flowery chamber called the conscience
Abdicating the man on the mirror
Reminiscing the day when a new calendar was born
When three wise men navigated the unforgiving dunes
To celebrate the metamorphosis
Of a prince who crept out of a virgin’s womb
To become peasant king
On a manger’s throne.

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