Arugam Bay


In that wet-monsoon night
We stood in the rain and danced on mud puddles
To make a memory stand out
And what I saw through your sheer cotton top
Was the clairvoyance of our chemistry
And the riches of your heart
– It seems the pummeling rain
Just made our friendship end –
And a little edition of love stormed through my heart
And all I could do was grab your hand
And make monsoonal tempests on your lips
And we made love in the ungodly hours
Until the sun snuck on us.
Fools they say see the clock arms
Turn with fury and they rush in
Scrambled with raw emotions
To kindle time with ecstasy and we eclipsed each other
Your aura and my umbra coalesced until
There was only one contour
Delineating one silhouette
As you and me crashed and burned
Like iron sheared flint.

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