Love – A Short Treatise


Love takes you to places
You have never been, from the mystical
To the brazen, even the outright sanctimonious
And sometimes, that trinity beckons you
Like when you sit on a night stool
Searching for a speckle in that soot-painted sky
Only to come across a sparkling shooting star

And love is always at danger
Of finding yourself outright focused
Only to have hazy grey clouds
Inculcate an astigmatism of everything else
When you can think of all the roads away
From that creature that redeems your existence
And that feeling is what scares
The spookiest ghosts out of you.

Love is a boundless subjectivity
From brittle to adamantine
The many faces that might be, yet ought not
And you hold her knowing fate
Holds the key to a spectrum of possibilities
When you can only lasso her as tight
As the heart ropes her

Love – the true kind – will always be the absence of distance
Between two heart, looming in the shadow

Of a fragment of a micrometer.

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