Reality Strikes at the Melbourne Airport

Its 7.30 in the morning
At the Melbourne airport
Waiting for the flight to arrive – an inland flight
From Melbourne to Canberra

I’m impatient, not to see my cousins
Or to play tourist but to get that nagging feeling away
Of being stuck in a limbo for a good 2 hours.
Its that feeling that dwarfs you
In a boundless universe called time

Still expectation is as vibrant
As the luster in my eye, the first holiday with my wife
Is about spending my time trekking monuments
Like the 12 apostles down Great Ocean road
Which miniaturize everything around
Making you search for Jesus
When the ocean keeps bathing the apostles’ feet
Like the last supper

And this country is where my dreams stood
As buds – never to open – where my career
Was truncated by fate’s beautiful masterpiece
Of an opus called reverse migration
Where I travelled back to my roots
To find myself and my two-cents worth
Or poetic expression

Life is about letting loose to time
And fate, knowing most things in your life is beyond you
Partner, job, dream are all laid bare
By the introgression of chance to time
And you’re only a soldier mustering enough
Courage to look fate in the eye
And telling her, do your worst, for I’m a man
Who will break, and not be broken by fate

And I will be a hayball in the wind
Not having the levity of a feather to soar,
Holding my poise, in my limited universe
Of bottlenecked dreams, mastering
A coup of sorts, when elusive to your dreams
You come across a cherished version of life
And you grab hold of it, never to let go

Life is how you cling on to the possible
And dream of the real, until surreality
Forms a little intrusion through the gates
Of your heart. And you can only yell “Eureka”
From the top of your lungs, gazing
At an anthesis of a surrogate dream
In the brink of fullest bloom.

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