My wife had put on the colorless base For a painting in burgundy, cutex She calls it and that little brush Paints little keratin canvases With a single coat of color She knows we will be at Hilton In a couple of hours, partying with friends. She had photographed and sent Pictures of three evening … Continue reading 2017

Che and Fidel

While they worship the mercenary And the revolutionary in Santa Clara, Where he lies, his eyes firmly pointed At the city below, a monumental cultural icon That defied the plague of inequality And made the hunger for justice A mission of love  -- And with him, a few hundred miles Down the road lies, the … Continue reading Che and Fidel


Through abundant butterflies Flustering from the cavities within I maneuvered my vessel to the safest of take offs Still petrified of Murphy’s Law And all the things that could crumble Like a house of cards. Still I lingered Like a cliff diver not knowing The depth of the adjoining ocean, and as I took off … Continue reading Honeymoon


The Christmas snowman inhales Through a pointed vegetable, a carrot stick That makes Pinocchio shy. A vegetable that spirals downwards Below the top soil, a tap root screwed Into the ground with a little help from phytohormones. History venerates of the house of Orange A royal lineage that made a household stick A little orange … Continue reading Carrots

Beyond Beyonce

The glutton of the Gluteus trilogy Was walking behind colorful butterfly wings In symmetrical burlesque float A little rustle that made the eyes poke out And the tongue a little strung to gravity And the ever-glued eyes tried to free themselves From the perfect Gluteus maximus The flutter of bronze trembling the heart And troubling … Continue reading Beyond Beyonce

Ring Finger

You find the ring finger A little stockier, and impractical, Nature’s unhelpful digit that makes Locomotion a little half-hearted Perhaps even outright lazy. And yet that Idle stub that lazes to the busy-bodies Surrounding her, is where A centerpiece stands in all her glory. A ring that falls two thirds of the way And capsizes … Continue reading Ring Finger

Death Bed

Deathbed can be a lonely place Even with your family around you Tearing one by one, while silent prayers Levitate through little chimneys of the heart. You feel the exasperation of knowing The last bout of gas that passes through the air sacs Might be the next or the one after When your inhale sounds … Continue reading Death Bed

Coconut Plucker

The moon pulled away in the twilight From the coconut trees and the church in the background And lifted to be the centerpiece of the horizon. And a few days before Christmas, you could See a lonely man, with a razor-sharp knife In his midst, climbing in frog-like leaps To the pinnacle of a coconut … Continue reading Coconut Plucker

The Old Woman at St Mary’s Bambalapitiya

The bell chimed before midnight Lights were afloat in color, flickering In the mistral that brought along a cold front To the church goers, as they slowly Crept through the arches to the waiting choral sounds, And a lofty pine tree stood Like it was brought to life by the wonder Of the deco of … Continue reading The Old Woman at St Mary’s Bambalapitiya