Freudian Beauty


He saw another face flooding the inner sanctum
The reminders that chimera was a story here

And through Jekyl and Hyde, he
Went through a carousal of samsara in one life

One moment, a darling with kindness
As the source of an endless river, bending

Past majestic rocks, and in another, seated
In a corner of a room and letting cobwebs

Crown a temple of pristine silence. He
Was a goner to many, a psyche of endearing beauty

Overcome by beast. Freud was the savior
He thought but he was just fertilizing,

And Mendel was the arable land, where the weed
Grew. Multiple personalities is when

One hears two voices of the same frequency.
One as alive as the angels in a graveyard

And the other being the guardian of the graveyard.
Life was like Janus’s face in front of a mirror

Unknowing which was bigger, symmetry haunting
The labyrinths of hazy mists fogging insight.

And one day, two people waged on one life.
The cowboy lost, and a dead body was found

Next to a pistol. There was a sense of Freud
In a blood bath splattered with threads of brain tissue

Freudian beauty is the bride to an oblivion
Who fades to an ultimate amnesia. A collective identity eluded

The man with two brains. And all he wanted
Was to fall in love with one woman

Who would make love to the optimist
And hold the pessimist like in God’s palms.

And identity was still as fludish as a meniscus
That couldn’t hold on to one curvature

And he was at tug-of-war inside, until
Beauty gave way to the beast

And all that remained was a little gun
And one bullet, and for one body to drown

In an ocean of meaninglessness. There
Were no Freudian theories here though,

Only two Freudian beauties in one purgatory.

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