Petrichor (An Eulogy To Amaradeva)

We are not defined by age Or by glory or the strange silver linings Just a song that is ineffaceable, would do. Your song, Maestro. And today, as I walked in the rain I smelled the petrichor of earthy geosmin What mycelial actinobacteria had secreted To define the unique convergence Of two elements – water … Continue reading Petrichor (An Eulogy To Amaradeva)


Here in Kohuwala, Everything is changing, like the constant flux of the ocean The once thriving grocer is like Jonah Now hidden inside the belly of a gargantuan Keels Paying penance inside the whale's tummy. And the newspaper man who used To sell near the junction is now battling The invisible electronic waves that cascade … Continue reading Kohuwala

Keratin Traditions

My wife tells me to cut my nails, “They are too long honey” she tells me And I chip my talons one by one Until she is smiling from ear to ear And when I kiss her, at those musky places She tells me I need a clean shave And I go and clean the … Continue reading Keratin Traditions