Why we didn’t have sex
Before marriage, was not a case
Of fear of the unknown, or a stage
I’m not a thespian at, it was just a wait
For the sheer delight that heart-works
Could usher, the body’s prayer to one day
Rejoice in Hosanna

And in our honeymoon
We made a tempest glorious
Crashing like a late-summer hurricane
You were infallible like Calliope ushering in a poetic prayer
To a vessel who only knew solitude

That day still remains in memory
When love was presented
Like a ciborium holding my flesh
To be dipped in your perfectly aged wine.
Love could do no wrong that night.

We made love until your face
Was as bright as the sun shining at the lamb in adoration
And soon, my moon too, was shimmering
Like a raised monstrance.
Eclipse was beautiful.

Love was now unsealed for perpetuation.