Weaker Link (A Prose Piece)

I was recently at a Toastmasters contest where there were several talks on how to be strong, how to muscle your way through bad times, even disasters and to make something of yourself. I’m here to tell you the opposite – that sometimes, you need to be weak to be mortal and to feel that … Continue reading Weaker Link (A Prose Piece)


Why we didn’t have sex Before marriage, was not a case Of fear of the unknown, or a stage I’m not a thespian at, it was just a wait For the sheer delight that heart-works Could usher, the body’s prayer to one day Rejoice in Hosanna And in our honeymoon We made a tempest glorious … Continue reading Honeymoon


Forever is a syndrome Of little packages of features They say become reality-prone Affection is the primal primer That makes the infinity thread Kindle at the right speed, slow in effacement Time, a factorial; claustrophilia, the essence And through the magnifying glass Of trust, you tread on a keyhole holding A telescopic lens to longevity, … Continue reading Eternity

To Wifi (From Husbanda)

I look at my wife And she tells me my farts are smelly And my tummy fat is too much She tells me all the things wrong about me Only to tell me what is right. That I didn’t look back when I fell in love. I jumped off the ledge as blind As a … Continue reading To Wifi (From Husbanda)