He was a strong man who outgrew weed
Only to fall to another weed. The first weed
Was just like the perfect yam for an unquenched high
It was purple and marijuana and he
Smoked the joint, until his joints were singing halleluiah.
Rejoice they were harmonizing to the music
Of a little vapor from a spoon.

And weeds were the legacy, the Echinochloa glaberens
In terraces of rice. And his big day was not
One of rice grains thrown over the head,
Just Javan sparrows spewing out Echinochloa seeds
On top of his fecund temple.

Here, they grew like monsters of the sea
Leviathans were like giant octopuses spreading their
Tentacles through the fine lines of axons
And he heard the voice of a stranger, who like Saul or David, he grew to love
It wasn’t God though just the sound of cockroaches
Chipping in with noise. Nights were like
A cacophonous hollow and little flying pests
Were soon storming everywhere inside his spaceship.

And he went through the milky-way
Finding planets no one knew existed
And one day, he discovered a black hole
From where he looked at the other side and saw a maiden
With a bridal dress calling him through
“Come my love” she whispered…..

And he leaned and jumped through the black hole
When his heart fractured into pieces
And the sea mist cleared to
Unveil a bridge painted in flaming orange
– It was the Golden Gate.

And by morning the coroner had gathered
On the beach near the rocks….
And covered his blood-splattered body with a white sheet.
It was as if one dose of death had finally cured him.

And on the other side of the ocean, in a little town in Vietnam
There was a single seed of Echinochloa dropped
On a rice field. He was only 19. He was chained to a bed post
In the only hospital in town.

And that seed was one miserly gene
Faulted beyond repair.

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