Abrahamic Fogs

Ak 47

I floated like Aladdin
To see young men rape the beauty of Palymra
And desecrate the Buddha statues of Bamiyan
We are a plague, us humans, that do not
See another’s beauty, the tiger shark
That cannot see innocence – the tender shell
Of armor and the soft feet of a hatched turtle
Floating to the imperfect synchrony of wave formations.

We are all creatures of light
Whether we light a menorah at a temple
Or an Easter candle at church
Or illuminate a Ramadan lantern
On a day of celebration

Light is what makes a little baby open his eyes
Or a child chase fireflies at nightfall
Or little girls and boys look in amazement
At luminescent dinoflagellates brought by the tide

And when statues fall and history is razed
Empires don’t rise. It is just humanity
Drawing little chess boards and playing crusades
On them. And light to an open mind,
Is our only redemption, and enlightenment
Is when you lose your stitches and nails
And expand to the billowing forces from within.

And light is a little packet of quanta
That smothers antennas and transforms
Pigments to universality, as we lose our
Melanin garments and become a solitary mankind.
Skin makes our consciences like the Dead Sea
Where nothing seems to sink through.

And light is a prophesy of sorts
It makes people unconscious in front of a mirror
And deeply sentient everywhere else
And when that happens, we withdraw one foot
And extend one palm, as we make quantum leaps
In faith, which is all that is needed
To draw a blueprint of a perfect equilibrium.

Newspapers call it a cessation of hostilities.
Spin doctors issue press releases
Saying it’s a time of peace.

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