I gave her everything, my heart wrapped in a jewel box
Every gram of my soul’s worth, and my body loaned as a crash test dummy
And all I asked from her in return, was to love me
Love me like the tide needs the coast, like the moon needs the night
And make love like an oar paddles a boat
And soon she left me – my wife of six years

And at time, she would fall without prior notice
Tiny curls that curled around my finger tips
And slender long fingers that curled around my palm
She was now my phantom, a ghost haunting my rib cage
Scrimshawing my fragile whalebone heart

And then one day when I least expected it
She came back and expressed the four-letter word
As my throat dried up and my tongue muted
My quaking lips could only kiss her
And making love was as natural as the kiss before.

And now she was mine again, no ring in hand
No pledge to stay, no marriage bed

It seems I had got my Masters from the school of love.