‘Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep”

Window Woman

Drumming the heart, chasing the savage dream
Is a boy with a pendulum in his heart and a clause in his mind
It was like Kipling’s “If”, a resurrection transcending the calvary
Or the chateau d’if. And renewal is sculpted inside a little embankment
Made of fiber, that conceals a little dream. They call it love.
Love is when your lips are as dry as a wadi and you find enough
Springs inside to cut across the Sahara. A journey of one’s own,
Like a lost Dromedary camel planting one hoof at a time.
The journey of a pearl seeker. What can be found in a little hospitable
Market in Marrakesh. And when you get there
Your hump flows like an oasis, the hoofs turn to feet, a smile
Becomes a pidgin, and she holds her gaze, immovable like a monolith.

And this dessert is a bar in New York. Cutting through
The shyness and the panic, and everything that holds you back
Transforms to a camel on Saharan sands. And the oasis is a brunette with glasses
Sipping a martini. And all you want is a telephone number for a date.
And she held her gaze like the sun in the dessert, until dusk fell
And he was gazing at her maple irises. It seem dreams are made in New York.

The big apple is full of apples. Where women with pear-shaped bodies become
Little fruits with red dresses, carved inside a retina. And love is
That apple that leaves her seed on a little piece of paper
Turning it to an orchard. Where apples multiply to now be chewed
Not by the retina but by the heart. Inner beauty is like an apple orchard
It can only be planted by the seed of first sight.

And the sands were a little light footed and the destination
A little conversation and a scribbled phone number. It was only a glimpse
Of a pearl and little glow balls are there for the dreamers.
Dreams are the saviors of the wretched heart. Endurance is a little dream
A sapling that grows to become a sugar maple.
And love is what flows through her. The xylem sap
Where maple is formed. The arteries that transport
Love to the tips of ecstasy and all you need is the sleepless day
Keeping you primed for the dream that will take you
Across time and space, to where a sapling can be planted.
To bear the eternity fruit.

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