Kiss 2

We draw Latin symbols for no reason.
We are romantics in our language of love
Even the science of binomial nomenclature
And the holy masses consecrated for the monotheism
Of one godly creature, sealed with an endearment.
Latin is not passe or extinct. It is an extant species
Democratizing the romance of a vernacular
In the name of one irrepressible feeling.

And what is more beautiful than a latin hyphen – “&”
Ampersand is not quick sand, or an eternity of incarceration
It is like the fluoride toothpaste that never runs out
Perpetuating enamel coated over soft dentine
Fluoride is a little devotion, a vow of honesty
A solemn pledge of un-abandonment. Total surrender
Is just a pact of the heart – Una in perpetuum.

And there is only one substance
More durable and harder than enamel. That is true love.
And Amare like enamel will always be immortal. The hard tissue
That keeps love abreast and fossilizes
Into collages of memory.

Corpus et anima – body and soul.
A symbiosis of flesh and mystique, a little meeting
Of two destinies into one. And in love caritas is veritas.
Giving is like squeezing a toothpaste tube
Every passing day, knowing there is an unlimited supply.
And what is more beautiful than juxtaposition becoming eclipse,
Love transforming to unum corpus,
Amare metamorphosing to one consummation.

Latin will always be the language of lovers.
And ampersand, a symbol of convergence of hearts. And
Amare, the impregnation inside a soul, of a little folly,
A little blindness. A little holy ghost.

Love will always be a mass of adoration of one corpse.
And one body rests as the only unifying religion known to humanity.