The stranger was as familiar as the front door
Love was just as eccentric as imagined
And she was like a fluff of smoke
That burnt on his ferocious tide.

She was like a dragon trapped in a hurricane
Blowing fire to all corners of the incoming tide
He was the ocean god, maneuvering wave formations
She was a beautiful jellyfish in flaming orange

She held an umbrella as she rode the ocean
Dancing in her amber flesh
Little flashes of luciferin emitting from her body
Fire was the anguish in her lungs
Savage was the wildered heartbeat

And the tide took her home to a rock pool
Where she laid for a while. The water was calmer
Than usual, as if the tide, like a newborn, had carved
Through her ocean body and was now resting
On a bassinet – the ocean in a lull.

Love was just about perfect – simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
It was as if Poseidon had made love to Mary Poppins