The understudy that metamorphoses
To scribbles of chalk on a black board, the perennial teacher

The understorey that nourishes the microbes fertiliziing
A canopy of conifers, a preservative of life

The underneath, inner beauty, ravishing
And endearing, what no man can ever claim

The underwear with a fancy name – lingerie
That comes off, sometimes in total surrender

And other times in sheer dominance.
The perpetual understatement that always

Surfs high above as overtones. The underwater
Echinoderms that become zooplankton. U boats and submarines

That rise to become their own hulls and sails.
The undo that has become a story of her own right.

Undermine is  sheer slander of a gender.
For a woman is like a monolith with a heart

The steel magnolias that bloom the whole of summer
And wither in autumn. And love is all she wants

A lioness in her own merit who crushes fate
With her own graceful mandibles.

Underestimate is only a ticket issued by a lopsided fate
When priceless is the big top, a little circus she runs

The beauty of a woman is how her heart always becomes
The ring master. And love appears in every act.

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