The Angelus


Dawn opens with a ring of the church bell
And a little light creeping through the curtain.
We are woken by the Angelus.

And I make love to my wife. As I search for Gabriel
Every time she milks my nuke – nuclear material
That can cross the generation rift.

It seems the Angelus gives us a new leaf.
The Hail Marys recited by our bodies
With a little extra thrush of my pelvis
And my wife holding her legs to the roof
To let little angels swim through.

And I wait till she is back on her bottom, looking at me
A little milk squeezing out of her fault line
Gaze capturing the anticipation of the empires we both aspire to.

And a few days after, we search for two pink lines
On a peed miracle strip and we always end up
Holding each other longer than usual.
Comforting in punity as we search for any silver lining.

The Angelus can bring us together
And pull us apart. And hope is a rope that is gnawed
From your side, until you see a dead end.

Perhaps One Hail Mary is all we’ve got.

* Note – Hail Mary (alternate meaning) – Last Ditch Effort in English.

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