I look at an empty bowl.
And a filled heart. You ask yourself is that enough?

And can money buy you happiness?
The watch I wear says it’s Titan.
The condom I put on says it is Hercules.

And I look in the heart’s mirror
I see superman freaking out, turning blue
To a dose of kryptonite

And those anxieties are what makes me mortal
The fear of losing my wife to another man.
And a nagging feeling I’m a failure in life.

And I look through myriads of painted faces
Of imposters feigning happiness and I know
I’m one of the lucky ones.

I don’t have riches only a small treasure inside a chest
Insulated with two larger than life breasts

And a map I hold in my heart
A shovel between my hips
A key inside my soul.

And an accident that transformed to a mainstay.

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