We judge like Gods Tall is handsome, fair is beautiful Lean is sought-after and brown eyes simply maple We don’t look twice at the dark Or the generous around the waists And the thighs, forgetting the shallowness of skin. Physiognomy is the pear and the apples The avocado and the lemons We are only a … Continue reading Physiognomy

Autumn Love

Sometimes, we feel time passing us by, Stuck in a rot, like having a picnic and seeing The grasses around you grow. When time becomes A tick, an echo, a tangibility, you need to look beneath you At the soul’s mirror. Are you the man who germinated From the seed of a dream? Time, slows … Continue reading Autumn Love

Day and Night

We stare at the sun to forget And the moon, to remember Sometimes, what we forget during daytime Are the places inside the heart that keeps you ticking Where love amasses her own treasures. We are not all meant to be kites during daylight hours Or jewels in a clay utensils. We linger in the … Continue reading Day and Night

Life as we know it

Pessimism likes the bone That is carved open through flesh The butcher’s knife in the hands Of the age deity who puts a number on a cake And here, like petals On the last day before wither Praying for an extra day, we start to fade. Like magnolias that are petrified Of autumn, when seasons … Continue reading Life as we know it


She was an artist in the making The abstract eye could travel to galactic spaces Which no astronomer even with a telescope could witness She was the darling of the endeared A woman as stubborn as the dream that defined her - To be an artist in the isle of Serendib. And the untimely, unhinged … Continue reading Mary

Abrahamic Fogs

I floated like Aladdin To see young men rape the beauty of Palymra And desecrate the Buddha statues of Bamiyan We are a plague, us humans, that do not See another’s beauty, the tiger shark That cannot see innocence - the tender shell Of armor and the soft feet of a hatched turtle Floating to … Continue reading Abrahamic Fogs

Napoleon Syndrome

The Nobel prize winners Gathered in a hall in Stockholm A hall filled with prize winners from the past And in an honorary place on the wall, was Nobel The noble man, who killed millions Of men, women and children With his abbreviated three letter invention. The gathering was like a group of whales who … Continue reading Napoleon Syndrome


We say walk the walk, none of us do. We are scared of the very thing in us that defines Who we are, and perhaps who we are not. Or maybe what we are yet to experience, Like the trauma that could sink to where you haven’t been. The depths of the abyss. The secret … Continue reading Suicide