The Falling Man


As buildings collapsed
And fire blazed through wooden conference tables
And plastic cubicles pasted with mementos
There was one image of a falling man
That froze time and space
Yet melted the human conscience

And through the superman lens
One photographer took one frame – of a birdman
Plunging to an oblivion
While his heart was sailing away to krypton
To a woman far far away

And like a wingless Icarus
The fallen man tumbled down through time
As a timeless icon and like a prayer he appears
On memorials, and like the word Amen
He dislodges to time
Seemingly never to rest in peace

And cynosure is a crowded place
Of a million eyes, a centerfield – the red ring of an archery target
And somewhere miles away a lass
Looks at the picture spewed out everywhere
And tells to herself – I loved that man

And millions will say a prayer and put him to sleep
Only to reappear in 364 days
Just like any anniversary, and airborne will be his legacy
And his black box fogged in mystery
– A perfect incognito for an unforgettable

A miserly photo is all we’ve got
Packed with pixels yet parsimonious
In expression and heart-works

A picture rarely speaks a thousand words…..

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