To Michelle


I watch you
Sometimes with a hawkish eye
At your gathering exercises
When the broom assembles together
The clutter by us, and all the time
I am the watcher – seemingly oblivious
As your grace becomes older
And that smooth surface grows lines
And dark patches encircle
As dark matter fills galactic spaces

And I still know that you
Will be my Charlie Chaplin and fart-patrol
My cuddle-me-bunny and my ghostbuster
Who vanquishes all my doubts and fears
As you lay your claim of my world
Fastening and unfastening lip-buttons
Pressing and releasing, holding me for a brief eternity
While you fluster something deep and meaningful

And you will always be
The vertigo that pirouettes me
The blindspot that perfects me
The amnesia that eludes me
And the mania that grapples me
And the addiction that endangers me
With a front-page obituary
Of death by a broken heart

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