Kiss 2

Seasons unfold
Sprouting new life-giving creatures
That the heart holds special
Infatuation becomes a thing of the recent past
And something compass-driven
And feeling-chiseled takes over
Prone to immutability
Seemingly unlike late puberty and the flu season
When you feel a running heart
At every beautiful creature
That passes you by

And when that inescapable
Love-tune enters that groovy frequency
And a polite question seemingly seals
The deal, the heart loses her entropy
And bonds in love-atoms
And after a while, you forget the hickey bulbs
On neck strings – seemingly childish now
As you enter the big nookie league
And what seems to shimmer
Is her photo-booth smile – after making love
In primal afterglow

And somewhere down nookie boulevard
You look back and wonder
What happened to all the ingredients
Of the wait – anticipation, awe, yearning, cold feet
And then you realize
That once you graduate from love school
All the beautiful screenshots
Are lost forever and that’s when you wish
For a few more beginnings
Of a bonanza of hickeys

– A few more cycles of samsara –

After all when hickey-days are gone
So too is the drool, the ga-ga even the gooey
And your La-La lands are now
No longer figments of imagination
Just your modus operandi
And that hickey, that beautiful love-bite
That gave selfies, diary-entries and brag-talk
Was now like a fossil covered
In layers of time

And then you look at your wrinkling neck
And it’s hard for you to see
Where a hickey can fit in
After all now you have a greying beard
And a second chin and all you want
Is a red mark on your neck
To be 19 again

And weren’t those the halcyon days
The foolish heart traded in
For the humdrum of a nookie?

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