It takes more than Speedos to make an Olympian

Michael Phelps

Micheal Phelp’s speedos
And Usain Bolt’s track-shorts
Weighed so little, a few grams at most
But that heart inside the flesh suit
That wobbled and quaked, when they felt the tingling strokes
Or mercurial pace-mongers
Yet rose to the occasion – weighed a lot lot more……
For it takes a million tons of iron and steel
To sculpt a dream – ground from ore, processed with acids
Melted and alloyed and sculpted
Into a recurring thought, seemingly impossible
To abandon -; and that nagging dream
Will shatter the alchemist’s myth into pieces
After all the tonnage of a steel dream
Does transform to an ounce
Of perfect aurum – and that is as good as Midas !

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