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A picnic basket stood
In the middle of nowhere
There were croissants and marmalade
Scones and pastries
Some orange juice and a coke bottle
We were surrounded
By dancing airstreams and tweeting birds
And we could hear the grasshoppers
And sense the sunbeams bouncing off
Our cheekbones

And you and I
Munched on the sugar treats
And sipped some flavor down the throat
Until the feed ran out
And we had enough energy
To burn some 70 calories
On a picnic cloth

We flapped our hipbones
Like nectar-drunk butterflies
And danced like bumble bees
We sang a sparrow’s song
And gazed with our dragon fly eyes
We ripened the love fruit
Until she was ready to fall
From her solitary perch

The wildernesses we knew for so long
Had disappeared

And we were arable – to cultivate
One perennial………

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