A Refugee Child


The kite travelled far
Through a bridge of time
And a wall of barbed-wire
Into a new land, a new country
Into the arms of a refugee child
Who found a little bit of color
On the fringe of a fence
And he looked at the flying wonder
Stranded on mother earth
Knowing he too had a kite in him
Four slender eakle-like limbs
With burning eyes and a beaming smile
– Which was all the color he needed –
Yet stuck to the ground – with no chance to lift off
Where a clipped dream could be found
Unable to pilot one’s flight
To the vast open spaces
Of a school class room….

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  1. Hello Dilantha,

    I’m Karan and I work as a training journalist at Outlook India, India’s premier political magazine. I’m also pursuing a degree in Law and Humanities. As an ardent disciple of literature and culture, I was planning to start a platform where writers from South Asian region can come together and share their works. It would be like a virtual cross-border literature exchange. I’ve really enjoyed your work on this blog and I would be honoured to have you as one of the founding members of this initiative representing your homeland Sri Lanka. I’m looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi, I don’t know whether I can be of help right now since I have a lot on my plate…..Please keep me posted though of your platform. My work commitments are such that I have difficulty in doing too much outside work. That said, still, if my circumstances change, I will try to be of some help. Best, Dilantha

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