I fished out
Something beautiful
When we talked that day
About Hope, not the type
That hypes fate but loses out
In reality but a little girl
What is part of you and me
What stands as our bridge
Holding on to an aqueduct
Rooted to your uterus

She will be
Your princess and my hoopstar
When you will put a tiara
On her tresses while I show her
How to jump and lob
A basketball through a ring
And she will grow up knowing
That life is not easy – nor hard
Just a hurdle field
Where she will be a hurdler
Perhaps even a high-jumper
Or pole-vaulter

And when she finally comes out
Of our shell – when she develops wings
And flies away to a dominion
Of falling eggs and rising breasts
We will slowly let go
Knowing her faith and love for mankind
Will keep her grounded
In spite of her height and beauty
Our doll who will outgrow her Barbie dress
And keep Ken waiting
Till an eternity

Hope will be what love brings
The two of us – sower and bearer
Germinating the beauty
Of what will swell and balloon
To the rhythm of a heartbeat
Where Hope lives
In her pledge to open her petals
When the bud becomes a child
And our dream will cross
The finish line
And love will rise to the podium
As the herculean force

After all
What is more powerful
Than love breaking through water
Triggering a tsunami…………?

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