I looked out
One window holding two others
And far far away, a dragon’s mouth
As fiery as hell’s gate
And as near perfect as a circle
Dipped to plant an orb of fire
Beneath the sea veneer
She dipped as fast as my eyes would tire
Until she was gone – from sight
When the cold frothy waves
Lost their color and fear
And begin to tumble like madmen
And the skies looked as pink as a million
Migrating flamingos
The night fleeted through
As one cyclopean eye
On the zenith of a negro giant
– The slayer of the dragon –
Which radiates like sulfur
And is applauded by
A million more glistening eyes
Watched over mankind
As they recuperated
From the merciless reign
Of a great ball of fire

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  1. Phenomenal sunset shot! Outstanding! 🌞

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