Chastity Belt

Cleavage 3

A woman’s hosiery
– leggings, stockings and tights
Are prickly, skin-hugging and fine
While on top, a corset can be seen
Sculpting two thrones for two coronated queens
To sit and take a peak or a peak-a-boo
At the faithful – the palace serfs
And in these parades of inner garments
There lies one obsolete creature
That incarcerates desire
And maketh one Mary Queen of Scots
Imprisoned in string and padding
– Unlike an Elizabethan chastity –
After all it only takes one tight belt
To circumnavigate one near-perfection
And out there in England – as elsewhere
It is only a contraceptive device, that maidens wear
To spoil the ambition of man

And in the contemporary
There rests a similar device
With inner metal and outer padding
– Strong on the inside but tender on the out –
When a woman can be seen walking strange
Slanting a smile from ear to ear
And looking a little dizzy
Between her hips

And they say…….
There goes a woman in love !

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