Mind and Heart


I think, ponder, in cognition
When the mind boggles
And toggles, to the miraculous
And the mythical, when I’m stumped
Clueless, feeling a little funny
Unike a pubescent boy in a Sri Lankan book
Or a Barbara Streisand character
I feel unzipped and estranged
Not knowing what is real anymore
Like a vortex taking me down
In vertigo – of life.

Thinking about life, is never easy
We are mere blips on radar – dust particles in a cosmos
That constantly feed neurons – calling it an education
Only to leave everything behind
When Aristotle falls topsy turvy
When science and logic do not make sense
And one feeling colonizes the heart
As man reaches the pinnacle of his mortality
After all, love is funny
Maybe the funniest passage of life
As it converges in slapstick – in an accident of fate
Dances in folly, spurting on desire
And ends in operatic song.

And all the while, the knotty mind
– and the philosopher – like Rip Van Winkle
Are fast asleep.

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