Sexual Incompatibility


They are perfect for each other
Two love bugs imbued with one feeling
Nectarine eyes dripping with honey
And yearning to pollinate
A love like no other
In forbearance and remembrance
And they took the plunge
Down the water hole of time
As they found each other
In the currents and counter currents
Of everything the body could muster
And the heart could saturate
Yet with time, the holes appeared
As in that wonderful axis
Of man and woman – north and south
There was a dearth of polarity
When two bed bugs learned
That they both had termite mandibles
And elastic frog tongues
After all love is a polar solvent
That dissolves two chemicals – testosterone and estragon
To the flesh of one and in that haunting absence
Two people gaze at each other
And make love, knowing
That they are both willing servants
And no one is the baron or the duchess
Of another’s piece of land
When two serfs crash but not burn
To neon streaks of an apolar love
Falling from the sky.

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