Michelle 7 - Heart

You call one gender, anti-woman
Plug filler, fiery demon, perennial beast
You call man, abominable
You love to abhor, after all that is one degree
Beyond hate, and you call yourself
The messiah of your kind
Who was never nailed on a wooden table
Or a spring mattress on a cheap hotel room
You spit venom and drink your own poison
Feeding scraps of the type of men
Who like to make you dance on their laps
Yet you dream of the same fires of hell
Enflaming your body, after all, you want
To eat fire, blaze fire and burn fire
You are no incarnation of a domineering Kali
Dancing on Shiva’s numb body
Just a whore who wishes
Her own destruction, to be broken over and over
As you fall for one consort
When you discover that falling after all
Tames man from his arsenal of chemicals
As you find your own soul
Streaming to other side of “beyond time”
Kali folding her dress and walking naked
To the other bank of the river
To the masala of fire and water – man and woman
When Kali will be born-again
As she is washed by her own baptism
In the emasculation of one man
To that nagging vulnerability
Of one feminist feeling

And for some unknown reason
You (women)……
Call that love.

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