First Kiss


The day
I walked from the periphery
To the center
From onlooker to occupant
When you wrapped me
With all you could
Fingers, elbows and limbs
When in that brief
Cameo on your lips
I found a tornado inside
Searching for any morsel
Left unturned
As I became as blind
And head-over heels
As a love-struck bat
Making noises with the heart
Knowing finally
That she too found me
As the echo of three words – “I Love You”
Bounced to and fro
And tongues played yo-yo
While heartbeats ran away
To finally surrender
To the lull of what will always
Be the leap of a gender
To the other………

Unknowing of feeling
Yet knowing her beauty
After all, nothing is forgotten
When saliva bonds
Dictate the chemistry
Of a fleeting sport
Strange but enchanting
As fencing lips
Grapple like musketeers
Cutting flesh and wounding bliss
Dueling to the brink
Until empires collapse
Armies cave in
And war parties recoil
To the armistice
Of the longest inch
The shortest gap
Between two poles
Radiating in afterglow
Of original collision.

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