What if Jesus was Mary Magdalene?

Jesus Christ the lad
What if he was a she?
Perhaps the son of man
Was a daughter in glee?
Would a little girl in a manger
Under the lantern of a star
Breathe joy to the world
And hope from a far?

Would the donkeys bray?
Under the dessert moon
Would three wise men
Journey through the endless dune?
Would she possess Cleopatra’s love?
Or Sheba’s golden riches?
Would she possess Sarah’s eggs?
Or Rebecca’s pitcher?

Would she surrender to love?
In the olive clay of man
And sculpt her tempestuous dream
Under a lonely tent’s span?
Would her love flow like the tide?
As bliss cries out loud
While she is nailed ever so slow
Bisected between her violin bouts.

Would her breasts be orchards?
And her hips the guardian?
Of both man and child
As lover and custodian.
If Jesus was a woman – Mary…….
Would she be all this and more?
Or would she disappear from history
As a quarry-stoned whore?

Mortality and divinity
Forever rest as the fall and the rise
Just like a woman on a bed
Journeying from a concubine to a bride

Pope Francis

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