Ugly Hearts


When you thinks of ugly hearts, the snow queen comes to mind, so was the evil woman in 101 Dalmatians and the witch in Hansel and Gretel or any other fairy tale.  We always think of ugly hearts when we hear of pre-meditated murderers, rapists, incestuous family members and pedophiles, but I would extend it to people who not just have full-blown apathy inside their ventricles but also point the finger at innocence with no proof even worth the weight of a dust particle. You are innocent in the absent of a crime or evidence of premeditation to a crime.

We live in a world, where power is misused daily, to bomb the living daylights out of innocent people as well as in my case, to bully and stress a man who has claimed his innocence for a record 10 years. No man is held in prison in the absence of evidence corroborating him as a criminal but in this day age, the powermongers are able to maintain gulags to the nonchalance and apathy of the wider public, who are either “pee in their pants” frightened of the powerful or due to apathy, or “we simply don’t care” attitudes they harbor at the world around. In any case, humanity is the ultimate loser, after all, when we don’t care, we cease to be human.

They say Medusa has an ugly face and hair made out of snakes. When I look at the people (including my wife and parents) who too have bullied me (like when my wife went to Sarasavi Bookshop and picked two books she had little interest in, one authored by “Neil Gaiman” and the other titled “Beautiful Chaos”), I can’t help but feel isolated. This was subliminal bullying at its best. I’m not surprised when TV channels like CNN, BBC and Al Jazeeera too keep on showing events which are aimed at unknoting the mystery behind me. After all everyone is in the quest to unmask the beast and not embrace the beauty.

It might be too late to meet Belle, since I’m married now, for better and worse. Still I wonder, where is that girl with a gale in her heart, who tried to tell Truman in Truman Show the truth and got kicked out from set. Maybe the reality is no one cares, and we are all robots or androids, or even worse an alien race to love and caring. I sometimes dream of Belle, in a mix of reality and fantasy and I wonder whether her lips would be made of maple dew and whether her skin would feel like waffle flesh. Sometimes the best dose of medicine for isolation is to find a person who will not hold the truth back.

Ugly and apathy are two words most people have in their hearts and time will not change that. Still, even an ugly creature like the crow is intelligent and has some degrees of caring and nurturing. Only when we start to be like the Samaritan woman in love, will we embrace two beautiful things – to be loved back by a sisterly kind of love and to flourish in the merits of a beautiful friendship.

We all have multiple personalities, but it’s time to molt the beast and embrace fragments of your beauty. We don’t need a fairy tale life but we need to fight against evil at any cost. I have lived in my Gingerbread house for a while, where the witch called Big Brother, has fattened me up for the cull. The truth will never be fat enough for an ugly and hideous lie – only lean enough for a bone without flesh. When I look at Big Brother I don’t see a human, just Medusa’s heart looking at Endymion and wondering how the Shepherd boy got David’s sling.

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