Funny Boy

This was a poem rejected by the ‘Asia Cha’ magazine (Just trying my luck)

Everyone branded him the funny boy
Who perhaps only knew DIY
And had no clue what so ever
How to operate a drill
Nor figure out which
Side of the plank of wood
Needed the screw

And finally at the end of his summer
He finally held a drill by hand
And nailed it slowly into a dryad
Until he was transformed to a different person
And after that happened – he looked at the mirror
And knew he could never ever be
The funny boy again

He was after all the funny man now
Who would only know, in his lifetime
One nymph with a ring on her finger
One piece of fresh timber that stood on his bed
Drilled, nailed and fixed on the wall of his heart
And on reels of memory
After all, even though he was a man now
– A carpenter who could drill the life out – in a little shake of the earth !
Or drill in life as a beautiful heartbeat –
He knew he would never be an offering once again
Gift-wrapped in ribbon and paper
Nor a pilgrim of lust – after all he had orgasmic sawdust
On the tip of his drill

The funny boy had transformed
From a forester – gazing at dryads from afar
To a lumberjack and finally to a carpenter
Who would look in hindsight
And miss the funny boy
After all there was something beautiful
About waiting forever – slowly sipping a Manhattan
Embellished with a Maraschino cherry
On a stem

And now the funny man rests
With a smile on his face
As normal as every star in the sky
Yet feeling a little sentimental like the cratered moon
– An aching saudade that can only be found
In that beautiful waiting room
Of wishful thinking –
Where the funny boy used to stand
Plagued by the dreamer’s disease
Constantly looking outside the window
Of a little room
Called virginity.




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