Sickness comes in many forms
Like when one is travelling on a bus – the journey maker’s sickness
When strange creatures are found in the tummy
Even monsters jumping out through the esophagus
Nauseating and wetting the giddy traveller
Then there is morning sickness – as a journeying woman
Travels from lover to mother, co-conspirator to custodian
Bloated cell by cell, vessel by vessel, emotion by emotion
– When in one heartbeat lies the beauty of creation
And in one gender rests a mystery in anticipation –
Until flood water crumbles through a dyke
And moistens the sweetest places of the expecting heart
And then there is a third kind of sickness
That comes in the longest journey known to man
When a vow seemingly innocuous and trite
Cultivates the greatest sickness known to mankind – eternal love
When the same butterflies that buzzed around
On the church alter and the honeymoon bed
Flutter away to faraway meadows – to fortify one feeling
As you feel forever nauseated in affection
And sporadically feverish in passion
When all one can do is to puke one kiss
Down the gutter of her homely lips.

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