I have lost count
Of the number of times
I’ve flushed love down her sink
Knowing I am every inch an animal
Sometimes a greedy pig that will shove
His snout down pink meadows
Or a frog that will muscle his tongue
To sweeten his euphonious ears
Sometimes I’m a bonobo chimpanzee
Seeing my beloved in front
And at times I’m every pound a dog
Loving my style and panash
Still the greatest gift
I possess, is the uncountable times
I’ve lied next to her, sometimes my head poised
On her cradling lap, even between her pectoral pillows
Feeling the kinship and security of one feeling
The invisible knot that binds man and woman
In the ether that spills in a lingering gaze
And the saliva which dapples and wets
In impulse and reciprocation
After all I’m an animal on compulsion
And a lover by choice.


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